My (Returning to) Work Creed

A creed is a set of beliefs or aims which guide someone’s actions.

I’ve been thinking about writing a personalized work creed for about a year. I decided the medical leave was a good time to really solidify some things before I return to work in a few weeks. This creed (like all creeds) is aspirational, and those of you who know me well 1) will recognize how hard some of this will be for me to live into and 2) have my permission to call me back to this as needed.

Here is my creed as of April 23, 2023. May it be so.

I believe working in an emotionally expensive profession does not require me to go broke.

I believe my worth is not defined by my hustle, my productivity, my title, or how well liked I am.

I believe that being aware of a need does not make me solely responsible to meet the need.

I believe adequate is a worthy goal. 

I believe excellence is a worthy goal. 

I believe confusing excellence for perfection is a costly mistake. 

I believe all people are worthy of dignity and respect, even and especially when they disappoint or hurt me. 

I believe answering email (in a reasonable amount of time) demonstrates care for the sender.

I believe clarity is kindness.

I believe compassion and accountability must co-exist.

I believe that making a big decision on the same day it presents itself is foolish.

I believe loving this work requires good boundaries on the work.

I believe this work is work and, as a result, there must be sanctified times of rest.