From the Mouths/Hands of My Art Education Students

The following quotes are from my students’ end of the semester written reflections.

“Problem solving is a wonderful skill that can be gained through learning art, but it’s not so easily learned if the teacher is always providing the answer.”

“Questioning is a part of growing…I think everyone…is now starting to question the foundations of how schools are built. And off of this you pushed us with this continual flow of ideas and examples that cause an intrinsic search for the answer, for our own answer. It seems like you are bringing clarity through confusion.”

“And on the occasional times when we might just not be figuring something out, you would interject with a bit of knowledge and we’d all suddenly go “Oooooh” (you know, with awe and wonderment).”

“This upheaval of my personal beliefs left me feeling frustrated, lost, and even wrong at times. However, in the long run, it has developed my philosophy as an educator, making me feel more confident in teaching and a stronger advocate for art education.” 

“It’s weird when you’re learning about teaching because you are the student that you’re learning how to teach.”