Deals on Art Supplies

I just bought a number of art supplies for free (I actually made $7.81 in profit). Here is how:

I just “bought” the following supplies at
6 Mr. Sketch 12 packs = $52.74
3 Prismacolor Eraseable Pencils 24 pack = $24.58
With tax, my order cost me $81.96.

The stackable deals at are:
1. Receive 100% of your purchase of Mr. Sketch, Prismacolor Erasable Pencils, Bic Mechanical Pencils, or Papermate Flex Grip Pens back in Max Perks Bonus Rewards.
2. Free shipping on orders over $50
3. Get $10 of Max Perks Bonus Rewards back for every $75 you purchase with an Office Max Teacher Rewards Card
4. Buy 2 Prismacolor Pencil sets, Get 1 Free (until 10/23/10)

What I Get in Return
1. $77.32 of Max Perks Bonus Rewards
2. Free Shipping
3. $10 of Max Perks Bonus Rewards
4. A free Prismacolor Pencil Set

In other words, I made money. I will get $87.32 back but paid $81.96. And I went to Office Max through my account, so I will also get 3% cash back which will profit me an additional $2.45.

Nerd? Maybe.