Benefits and Challenges to Art Integration

Yesterday in class my undergraduate elementary education majors worked collaboratively to compile a list of benefits and challenges to art integration. They have been reading a bunch of resources and this served somewhat as a “summary” activity of what they have been learning. Here is their list:


express yourself
thinking differently
Engaged students
Less rote teaching
Envision abstract
child-centered learning
gives creative and artistic kids a chance to have fun in an academic class
makes subjects more interesting/fun
motivates students to engage in class
stimulates mind
creates student confidence
helps enforce the lesson
working cooperatively
Think about the thinking process


Lack of funds
Lack of time
Lack of teacher appreciation for art
Lack of teacher motivation / teacher doesn’t want to put forth the effort
Lack of knowledge
too messy
school district demands
parents disagree
NCLB law – push on tested subjects
Criteria for grading
not enough resources
may not think its important
teacher isn’t prepared to teach art

The following are a list of sources they have been reading and viewing about the topic:

Arts and Smarts Article

Arts Appear to Play Role in Brain Development,0,1345340.story

Article in Washington Post about Art Integration at a Local Elementary School

Jerome Kagan on Why the Arts Matter

Why We Make Art

Dan Pink’s Pop!Tech Podcast

Ken Robinson’s TED Talk – Do Schools Kill Creativity?