Minneapolis Escapades

Well, as it turns out, there is no free wireless available in the convention center. That means that when I have lightning bolts of blogging inspiration, they get handwritten into a notebook. When I get back to the internet at Sam’s aunt’s house (which is where we are staying), I hardly have the energy to write.

Instead of art-education related things, here are some pictures of non-conference things from our time so far in Minneapolis…

Since I was planning on staying with Sam’s aunt, I decided this would be a good conference to bring Sam along. We also invited his mom, who was excited about coming to see her sister. This picture was Sam’s mom and I playing with PhotoBooth on the plane.

When we got to Sam’s aunt and uncle’s house, they loved the picture and we did a short session with the two of them as the Photo Booth subjects…

Friday night Sam’s uncle got us great seats at the Twins’ game. Sam even brought along an old Twins hat he had from high school. We looked like we were supposed to be there.

This was our first time watching a ball game in a dome. It’s the Twins’ last season in this stadium, so we were glad to get to be there.

We were told that the Mall of America is something we should see/experience while we were here. Sam went Friday with his mom and aunt, and then took me to see it tonight. He was excited about the really large Pez. This candy store had foreign and rare Pez paraphanalia in addition to their candy by the pound. Sam bought a few Pez things…to add to the collection, of course.

Those of you who know me might have suspected the Sesame Street animals in the background of Sam’s Pez picture would end up as an important subject of another picture…

Big hugs from Minneapolis!


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