Recent Artwork

This series, “Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife” began as napkin drawings that I produced in the car. Two years ago I was an elementary art teacher and my husband worked for his family’s machine company. Fast-forward two years to today. I am currently a PhD student at the University of Maryland, teaching undergraduate education majors, and my husband is working full-time as a pastor. My choice to pursue a doctorate, my political views, and the fact that we don’t have children (yet), etc. often make me feel like I don’t fit the bill of “pastor’s wife” in rural PA. This series was created as part comic, part therapy. Decisions about how to execute these ideas were inspired by the personal nature of Cheryl Warrick’s work and the flat colors and illustrative flavor of Laylah Ali’s paintings.

“I don’t wear jean jumpers.”“I didn’t vote for John McCain.”

“I once skipped Sunday School to put an abstract in proper APA format.”


2 thoughts on “Recent Artwork

  1. S M Dampf says:

    Leslie, I love it!! Your art is so much fun!As far as politics, it has been my experience that you never get what you voted for, and the way I’ve heard it, you are transformed into a pastor’s wife…I think Jesus wants our hearts transformed to be more like His Father’s not like a Pastor’s wife!

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