Tension headaches. I get them all the time. My miracle drug is “Excedrin Tension Headache.” Here’s the problem: the excedrin has so much caffeine in it that if I take it right before bed (like now), I will be up for hours. Yet, if I don’t take anything, I wake up with the same headache. Bah.


2 thoughts on “Dilemmas

  1. chaos and whispers says:

    do you have any ideas of triggers for your tension headaches (like your eating schedule, a certain amount of hours driving, time close to your period, or stress)? If you can identify some triggers, maybe you can preemptively take meds to ward off the anticipated headache? Or take it at the first signs instead of after it has hit full force?(I know I’m not adding anything new, but maybe you will find it helpful…)

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