Interested in an online Masters Degree in Art Ed?

Below is information about an ONLINE course, New Media Pedagogy, offered in Spring 2009 taught by Karen Keifer-Boyd, professor of art education at The Pennsylvania State University.

Spring 2009: A ED 597A: New Media and Pedagogy (3 credits): An exploration of the relationships between new forms of communication technologies and beliefs about the nature of knowledge and the nature of art.

You can take up to 15 credits (3 graduate courses) prior to applying to an art education graduate program at Penn State. Once you apply and are officially in a Penn State art education graduate program, then up to 15 credits of art education graduate courses offered in the degree program count toward the degree.

The A ED 597A: New Media and Pedagogy course is offered via the Penn State World Campus at (click on “Course Catalog” at the top of the page to see the information for A ED 597A: New Media Pedagogy offered for Spring 2009).

Contact Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd , professor in charge of art education at Penn State, for more information regarding the online Spring 2009 course A ED 597A: New Media Pedagogy, and contact if interested in the Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Art Education Degree Program, which is ready to begin Summer 2009 pending The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustee approval.