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“We need to take into account the constant “induration” imposed by the media, the taken-for-granted conventions of comics and sitcoms and science fiction movies. (I know the exceptions; I know that E.T. is supposed to be, in some ways, a celebration of childhood and the imaginative life. But I also know about repetitions and routines, and about the tendency to structure experience in accord with what television provides. And I know about passivity, as you do, and the constrictions being imposed on individual fantasy life. It is still necessary to empower children to invent their own extraterrestrial creatures, to play with words and shapes in their own authentic ways, to learn what it is to summon up illusioned worlds.)”


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  1. Leslie Gates says:

    That quote is from “Variations on Blue Guitar,” one of the texts for an aesthetics course I took this semester. Thanks for checking out my blog! One of my colleagues at UMD has had classes with Maxine as part of her PhD in Art Ed from Columbia…I’m jealous! 🙂

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